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Address:  6685 Glen Albin Road,   P.O. Box 1732,   La Plata, Maryland   20646        Phone:  (301) 932-1881     FAX: (301) 934-1055    

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Services by appointment only:
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Daily Nutrition

At the Animal Clinic of La Plata your pet's health and nutrition is important to us.  

Your pet may love to eat food fresh from your plate. But just because he likes it doesn’t mean it’s good for him.  Those table scraps could lead to extra pounds on your pet.

More than half of all dogs and cats in the U.S. are overweight or obese.

A balanced diet needs a healthy balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for their health and growth.  High-fiber foods aren’t good for young cats and dogs that are still growing. Their energy needs are high, so their diet should have more fat and protein.

The Animal Clinic of La Plata offers the following brands which meet our standards:

  • Hills Science Diet:   From puppies and kittens to adult dogs and cats, we know that no two pets are alike. Pets have different biological needs at different life stages, so we use cutting-edge food science to develop precisely-balanced nutrition for all stages of your pet's life. We make scientifically-developed foods for the specific needs of healthy pets, like supporting mobility and joint health for dogs, helping cats prone to hairballs, and more.
  • Prescription Diets (Hills, Purina & Royal Canin):   Prescription diets are committed to the health of every pet—especially those who have unique nutritional needs. The science behind these therapeutic diets represents years of collaboration between nutritionists, researchers and veterinarians.  These formulas are developed to help veterinarians nutritionally manage dogs and cats with certain health conditions, such as kidney, liver, heart disease, diabetes and digestive disorders. If you think your pet could benefit from therapeutic nutrition, talk to your veterinarian to learn about which formula is recommended.  


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